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This Pokemon Go game is pretty neat. I’ve seen a lot of different people come into the store to reach the Poke-stop that’s inside. People who wouldn’t normally get outside and walk around are getting outside and walking around. That in and of itself is amazing. I like how simple the game is too. It’s getting a lot of people who wouldn’t care about video games, or those who even demonize them, to look at electronic entertainment in a positive light. Parents are interacting with their parents in a fun way, early studies I’ve read online have said that Pokemon Go is helping people who suffer from depression even. Sure, there are some idiots who don’t take responsibility for where they’re walking, but that’s not the fault of the game, that’s the fault of the idiot who hopefully learned a life altering lesson.

Our in store wifi is absolutely terrible. The Bookstore I work at is in the heart of Silicon Valley, technology central, and we don’t have super speedy internet? Google and Apple are our next door neighbors! WHAT GIVES?! WHERE’S OUR 80 terabyte download rates? Where’s our 8G wireless data plan? WHAT THE HECK?!