I got a great email from Tracie just a little while ago:

“I was going to the motions of working through the bookstore recently and a thought occurred to me; I have been working here for about 8 years! I didn’t really come to this realization by myself…it was my regular customers. For instance I have known a particular couple since their daughter was born
(she is now 8 by the way). I was joking with her and her parents that I and another employee in the mall were like her mall aunts. You know, family but not close family :D. I have been seeing this a lot with several of my long term customers; I have literally seen their children grow up before my
eyes! Heck one young man that came into the store recently was a teen I use to see almost every day in the café with his friend. I know I should have reported the kid for skipping school, but I figured he was spending time in a bookstore that had unlimited knowledge; so either way he was learning something. He actually thought he was getting that past us.”

Thanks for the email, Tracie!

I still can’t believe how long I’ve been working for The Bookstore. It’s been over 14 years now… I’m really close to getting another anniversary pin which, of course, will be completely forgotten about and collecting dust in some dark corner of my closet.