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I have had this comic running around in the back of my head for a long, long time now. I would like to thank my friends Mike, and Mike, for helping me with all of the Spanish stuff. At some point I’m going to have to get a game night together with them so we can all confuse people with us having the same name.

I didn’t draw this comic for a long time because of what happened to my brother Jason. This is the first time I’ve put him in the comic since October of 2017. My brother had been going through a serious custody battle with his ex-wife and she made claims about him that landed him in jail.
Jason’s family lawyer called me up around 10am to tell me that a warrant was out for my brother’s arrest and that I needed to go pick up my nephew from school. What I thought was going to take maybe a week or two to sort out kept getting stretched, weeks turned into a month, into MONTHS, and during this time I moved back into my brother’s apartment to help take care of my nephew, to help pay rent, and to help work at Jason’s job as a pest control technician. Helping at the job was to help my brother keep his job, I was his placeholder, and to help pay for a defense lawyer. To add to all of this stress, the call I got telling me that my brother was arrested happened barely a week after my wife and I had a miscarriage. I am still, as of this writing, trying to process that, on top of everything else.
My normal, newly married life was turned upside down in support of someone who was seriously in debt to one lawyer, only to have another lawyer bill added to his tab. Jason had been close to paying off these bills for years but his ex-wife kept pulling crap that drew out the legal proceedings.
My weeks turned into 60 hours of Bookselling and Pest Control. Any free time I had to be with my wife was interrupted by sharing an apartment with a nephew, my younger brother who lives with Jason, and my father who flew out to help take care of Jason’s son. To say stress levels were at an all time high is an understatement.

Throughout all of that time I will say again, thank you to all who have been there in any way to support me and my family. Donations, loans, anything you were able to give to help us out absolutely helped us out. It was a great comfort during the days where I was pulling 12 to 13 hours of work.

My wife Brittany and I had been planning on moving out of state, and Jason’s arrest was a huge wrench in the works for our own life plans, but he really didn’t have anyone else he could turn to. He could have lost his job, apartment, and most importantly, his son. We needed to step in.

Then it became too much for me. Brittany and I got pregnant again, and this one has thankfully had no problems or complications. Car repairs and other bills for us were starting to pile up. We were riding too close to the wire already, I had to stop. I had to take care of myself and my family. A transfer to another Bookstore was in the works. We couldn’t stay to help anymore.

I don’t know how to say it, the timing could not have been better and I can’t help but feel like something larger than myself, something that can’t be considered coincidence happened the week Brittany and I were to move out of state. Jason’s charges were dropped. It was a miracle. Two days before I moved away I was able to personally drive to the jail and pick my brother up. Miraculous is the only way I can describe this turn of events.

It’s been about a month since this has happened, and I know there are some serious legal issues that need to be researched with regards to how things were handled (or mishandled) so I think sparing a lot of the details is for the best at the moment.

I really am so thankful for all of your support and incredibly relieved that it’s over. My brother is out, I can call him again, I can play games with him again, I can write comics with him again… I missed him and it feels great to know he’s free and able to take care of his son again.

Also, those headsets need some tweaking. I pick up way too many people chattering on those things that aren’t part of the Bookseller Collective.