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Of the many years I’ve been drawing this comic I haven’t taken a break, one way or another I would have an update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a new comic. Some awesome friends and family members have done some guest strips for me, but that’s the thing, something was getting posted.

Having a baby changed things. We were playing the waiting game and I didn’t have time to find some help to make a few guest comics this time. I drew comics right on up to the point where Brittany said, “Hey, the baby’s coming.”

It’s strange to be making a comic on the other side of this. It had been a stressed filled year leading up to the birth of our daughter and taking that week off to be with Brittany and her was very, very needed. I am incredibly grateful to all of you who supported me in sharing my comics, and especially for my very generous and patient Patrons. You helped a lot more than you think.

So, from being overworked and under rested before a baby, I am now overworked and under rested with a baby. It’s a much better change.