Comic number 500. I honestly never saw me drawing 500 Mike: Bookseller comics when I started putting these strips up on my website. The first comic I drew about working at a book store was when I was behind the back cash register working at a book store over ten years ago. It was just something to do while I waited for the two customers that would show up to buy a naughty magazine before I clocked out and went home. The comic you see today was one that I drew behind that register. I’ve redrawn it for todays update.

I thought, originally, when posting the strips online I’d just redo the comics I had done at work and call it a day. Little did I know that I had another 450-ish comics to add to the strips I drew on the back of day old schedules behind Cash/Wrap 2. I still have more new comics in the pipeline and I have an amazing readership that’s emailed me and given me some fantastic ideas and requested some great scenarios to draw up. For those who haven’t seen their suggestion just yet, I’m working on that too. I’m surprised and very grateful at how many emails I’ve received. I’ve had a lot of fun drawing Bookseller. I will continue to draw this strip until my hand falls off. Even after my hand falls off, I’ll find a way to do more.

As for the comic here. Just like when I drew the strip 10 years ago, I wanted to tap into that special talent that customer service people have to develop. The talent of switching off that feeling of hatred for customers, the woke-up-too-early-missed-breakfast-poor-night’s-sleep-lousy-traffic-stupid-manager-scheduled-where-I-don’t-want-to-be feeling. Some people don’t know how to set that feeling aside. Those people don’t have long lives as retail employees.

Thank you all so much for the emails, for the facebook friendships, following on twitter, and definitely for reading my silly little comic strip.