I was doing a search for the DVD of “The Rundown” for a customer when I came across the option on the computer to order in the HD-DVD format in addition to the regular DVD. It caught me off guard for a bit to see a completely dead and unsupported format still available to order and subsequently purchase from a retail establishment.

There are people out there who still love their Betamax and Laser Disc players. Especially Laser Disc, the one format that has a pure theatrical collection of the original Star Wars movies untouched by Lucas in his later years. …where was I going with this?

Right, dying formats and old traditions. People keep saying bookstores are going away. They aren’t. The flash in the pan popularity of e-readers and tablets has stabilized to the point of them just being another thing, an option, not “the Future” like some people said they were going to be. Independent bookstores are doing great from the reports I’ve seen and The Bookstore is still going along just fine. We’re fine GOSH DARN IT. The doom and gloom isn’t nearly as bad as I was hearing a few years ago. The financial crap that’s happened a little while ago will more than likely come back to bite those in charge, but I’m hearing of other store openings on the horizon. The larger, metropolitan areas with awfully expensive leases and stiff same day delivery options are not the areas for retail in general nowadays let alone The Bookstore. It’ll be an interesting decade coming up. Who knows what’s going to happen, but I think The Bookstore is going to be hanging around in one form or another still.