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The day after a national holiday is usually quiet, boring, and SLOW. Nothing is worse than being stuck at the cash register on a quiet, boring, slow day. You can’t venture too far away because the MOMENT you leave is the moment a random person will want to be rung up and your shift manager is reprimanding you for not being dutiful enough.
Also, puns. PUNS for DAYS. If I can fit a stupid pun into a conversation I will do it.

These Folkmanis puppets are pretty neat. A dragon that can flap it’s wings, a panting dog, an oinking pig. They’re super cool toys. They’re also stupid expensive. They don’t get purchased all that often, more tossed around the store from one bored kid to another. Puppets are great though. There’s something that humans are drawn to about them. Creepy, not quite life-like movements, but they are being manipulated by a human… They catch your attention in a special way. …and that’s why people love The Muppets maybe…