I got an email from a reader a little while back:

“I got to work today I was told by all my fellow booksellers that the new store manager was talking crap, “…kids is a disaster, books everywhere, hopefully our kids leads decide to show up today. They both tried to call off sick yesterday.”

I did have a confrontation with him and he said all the booksellers were lying but when everyone says the same thing ..who’s the one really lying?”

People are allowed to be sick. It happens from time to time. Complaining about honest sick calls shows a lack of good planning and a lack of being a decent human being.

We’ve all had bosses that suck. Suck our enthusiasm, suck our work ethic, suck our self worth. Roll them all up into one and you get Lark. The worst part is how much they lie about poor employee morale too.

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