Well, in actual fact, you bought it for me. I’m still riding high from purchasing this amazing giraffe! Thank you all so much for all of the support you’ve given me!
People have been asking how I’m going to fit it into my car, I’ve got a nice mid-size SUV, I’m pretty sure I can fit Mr. Loodle (I name all my giraffes Mr. Loodle) inside my car. Granted, his head will be jammed up into the copilot seat but I can fit it.
I haven’t taken the giraffe home yet though. Certain coworkers have nephews and nieces, grandchildren too, that they want to take photos with it. I am more than happy to oblige them over the holidays. I was also thinking of bringing in my four foot tall giraffe to pair with the eight foot tall one too. Give a fun couple of giraffes to pose between for a photo.
Thank you again for all the support and well wishes.