Aaron emailed me an interesting story of a customer he sees in his store a lot. “I have a frequent customer that comes into the store that always asks for certain movie soundtracks. He comes in with his list of about ten movie titles, for example, Apocalypse Now, and has me search for these CDs. Most, if not all though, have no movie soundtrack. Every week or two, he’ll come back in with a list of new items, or stuff he already asked me about, and waste my time.”

I can see how annoying that could get, especially since there are itunes and amazonMp3 services out there. I also understand the customer though. I’m a fan of movie soundtracks, well, soundtracks in general. I discovered Michael Giacchino through searching for obscure or hard to find soundtracks. Though I did it with Napster way back when. Audio Galaxy I think was next, bit torrent… anyway, downloading stuff is all legal now if done through the right channels. I still think that the RIAA isn’t happy about it though.

Since this whole comic put me in the mood for it, here’s Weird Al!
Thanks for the email, Aaron!