This comic is somewhat self explanatory, so to go with it I thought I’d include this email from Cindy:
Hey Mike, I was getting caught up on your comics tonight, and remembered Massachusetts’s Ice Storm 2008 – the week before undergraduate finals, we had a MASSIVE ice storm that left cities without power for as much as two weeks. They essentially evacuated my college campus (where there was no power) so I got to go home to…no power (writing a paper on your laptop by candlelight is still one of the strangest experiences I have ever had). After a couple of days, parts of my college’s city had power back (though not the college itself), and I ran into some classmates studying for finals on the floor of our local Barnes and Noble. I’d have never expected such hospitality, but it was quite the display of people at their best.
Now that I’m a graduate student (working part time at a wing place in North Carolina), I have found that there is a real camaraderie among minimum wage workers, and I’ll echo the long-repeated refrain: everyone should have to work in retail or food service for at least a year before they are granted acceptance into civil society.
Thanks for making the comics. I always appreciate the laugh. Your drawing style has a lot of life and I love the range of expressions on your characters.
Thanks for the story and the email Cindy!