I know that we have ALL wanted to be able to do this. I would invest heavily into a phone that would allow me to punch people through the line.

This comic was inspired by an awesome email from Jen:
“My buddy Nathan, who is our Nük expert, took a call the other day that you might enjoy.

While stuck at cash/wrap, I listened as Nathan explained to the customer how to use her Nük from square one, starting with how to find the power button and press it. He then spends time trying to help the customer search for a book to purchase. The book she chose was *The Art of Racing in the Rain*. Nathan patiently explains how to type it in, how to click enter, how to browse the results. But something is going wrong– the customer’s search is coming up with ALL the wrong kinds of books! Plays, books on theatre, all kinds of random stuff.

After some 40 minutes total on the call, they finally figure it out: the customer is not using spaces when she is typing in the title. And I quote: “Wait, it’s not like email? You have to put spaces in between?” Hence “The Art” is turning to “theart” and the theatre results.

Finally, the customer pulls up the book. She says, “What, it’s about dogs? Well, I’m not buying this!”
Nathan and I both missed our breaks during this escapade, but it is almost worth it for the face/palm groaner.”

Thanks so much for sharing the story!