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There are days during the holiday season that get so crazy, so insane, so completely overwhelming, that all you can do is step back for a couple of minutes and just goof off. Let the stress blow out in a silly way, recollect yourself, and then get back to the madness with a clearer head.
Some people try to keep you on task at all times, and that’s not exactly helpful. Hyper focusing can and does create some bad issues. You tend to take your stress out on others, your attitude in general is more sour, and people won’t look to you as a level headed individual who stays cool under pressure. I’ve worked under quite a few of those types of managers and they all uniformly suck.
Finding the right couple of minutes to goof off is the trick though. You can’t do it in the middle of helping a customer, or when you’re shelving product to the floor, but those little down times aren’t too difficult to find. It’s just those small in between tasks moments. Moments like, “Gee, I wonder if my head will fit in that long box?”