Fab really likes dinosaurs I guess?

We have been getting a lot of toys in for the new Jurassic Park/World film that’s coming out soon. A lot of expected toys. T-Rex, velociraptors, Chris Pratt, that lady that can outrun a tyrannosaur in heels…

The mask that has been supplied is actually pretty cool. It makes different noises depending on the position of it’s jaws. I thought that was a nice bit of innovation over the other mask toys out there.

All of that being said, the movie is going to suck. It’s just “The Lost World” again but with extra stupid, and a huge serving of contrivance. We all know how well loved that Lost World film was, you need only mention the word Gymnastics and anyone arguing that it’s a good film will fail to recover. It was cobbled together to allow Steven Spielberg his dream of filming a dinosaur running around San Diego. It took a lot of crap to get to that point and once we were there it wasn’t really worth waiting for.

…But this time the island EXPLODES!

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