Excerpts from Rachel’s experience with Beats by Dr. Dre:

“I had to wear the dreaded headphones, they didn’t make us sign them out but we got a “talking to” about being very careful with them. The first day I put them on it felt like I was being choked to death. The headphones don’t hang around my neck, they stick like superglue.
“The phone rang and I picked it up and went to put it at my neck to hold it while I’m typing. The phone + headphones + neck does not work together. The phone shot forward bouncing and skidding off the counter (thank goodness nobody was standing there), I could hear the customer yelling asking me what was going on. I tried to get the headphones off so I could get to phone and the customer. I have long hair which I usually wear in a twist on top of my head so I got the headphones hung in my hair. I tried to get them lose yelling to the customer that I would be with him in just a minute. I managed to get the headphones free of my hair but they went skidding off the side of the other counter.”

There’s more to the story with which I will adapt later. I was shaking my head smiling at how insane a situation like this can transpire. I blame Dr. Dre.

Rachel! Thanks so much for sharing!