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I got this photo posted to my Facebook Bookseller Group. Apparently the store manager left this for the opening crew. That sucks. Not being able to finish a project is a normal part of retail. Customers are top priority and there are rushes at the cash registers. I get it. Leaving all of that crap out on the sales floor is extremely unprofessional and I’m trying to wrap my head around the thought process that lead to thinking that made this somehow okay.
There are good store managers out there, some great ones too, and then there are those who absolutely should NOT be a store manager for one reason or another. The bad ones. They make their own rules, hold people to different standards than they hold themselves, blame others, etc… We all know bad managers. They’re not difficult to spot.
There are hotlines to call and district managers to report to, but that business is slow going unfortunately. For those dealing with this kind of crap, I’m sorry. I’ve dealt with stuff like this in the past. It doesn’t last forever. Also, I make a comic where I can get my frustrations out.

This comic is here to shame those Store Managers who don’t try or care. For shame. You have the potential to make the store great, or force an early and permanent store close. I worked for one of those at the end of The Westgate Store Era. It was especially frustrating to see that store manager move onto a better store and leave us in the lurch. Don’t be like that. Think about the many, many employees who are depending on getting that paycheck. They have a much more difficult time paying rent and bills, saving or paying for college, food even…
I really wish there was a quicker way to sift through the awful managers in retail and flush them all down the toilet.