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I got a fun email from D:

“I was in costume ready for the Get Pop Cultured Dr Seuss event and walking around the store to invite people to attend. In the Toys and Games area by the Lego display was a sweet little storytime regular who was delighted to spot me. His mother had invited her mommy friend and son to join them that evening. As we posed for photos the little guy’s buddy came up holding out something. He said to me, in a solemn tone, “I don’t like that costume you are wearing. I want you to wear this costume.”

He showed me a Wonder Woman toy. I am a plump soccer mom approaching 50. He is a serious 4 year old boy. Both his mother and the regular storytime attending mother were shocked into speechlessness. I just told him I’d decided to continue with the Seuss look while privately deciding I would email you!”

I’m fairly certain that the boy had very innocent intentions, he probably really likes Wonder Woman, but you can never know for sure…

Thanks for the email!!!