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Trevor shared a story with me about how he was helping a customer find a particular film adaptation of “A Little Princess.” It played out similar to the comic here. While not everyone is up to date on all forms of lascivious media, Hentai has become more of a prominent thing ever since the Anime boom in the early ’00s.

We would get some hentai dvds shipped in with our normal music and film deliveries. Someone wasn’t paying attention at all to the subject and just saw a cartoon drawing on the cover, mistakenly thought that all cartoons are for kids, and added it to our stock in our Preschool subsection of movies. This has happened on multiple occasions. It’s fixed now, as far as I know… Anyone thinking that animated media is just for kids needs to look outside of western culture. There is some messed up crap out there, and there is also some good stuff that isn’t pornography. “Sword of the Stranger,” “Your Name,” heck, “Princess Mononoke” shouldn’t be that uncommon for people.