I got quite a few emails over the weekend about Black Friday and the goings on around that terrible, terrible day. A specific email from Harrison: “My friend told us a story about something that happened to her while working at the “barneyard” on Black Friday and when I suggested that we should email you about it in hopes that you could do something with it, she said go for it.”

“My coworker was working the customer service desk and a lady comes up asking for the book “Art of Forgiveness” by the Dali Lama. When my friend typed it into bookmaster, she didnt come up with a book with that title by the Dali Lama. She asked the customer if it was “Art of Happiness” instead to which the customer replied “No, it’s the ‘Art of Forgiveness'” in an irritated tone. My friend asked her to calm down and drop the attitude and the customer “flipped” as my friend put and said she wasn’t giving my friend any attitude and turned to walk away. As the customer walked away, my friend told her to have a nice day to which the customer replied “I hope you have the worse day of your life”. My friend simply replied “I don’t think the Dali Lama would want that.”

As you can see, I didn’t change much at all. It’s kind of surprising when a comic strip comes to me fully formed. Also, I thought putting James Booktrader into this strip would be fun. We haven’t seen him in a while and he’s always fun to draw.
Harrison! Thanks so much for sharing that story with me!