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I got a great email from Leah:

“A coworker of mine is, what we have termed it, a Weirdo Magnet. Those offbeat, awkward, no-way-out customers just seem to flock to her. This last week, her “magnetic” personality extended over the phone. The customer on the other end asked if we sold fireworks. FIREWORKS! It took my coworker a few seconds to be able to respond. Our store is mostly paper and wood! It’s a bonfire waiting for a spark.

We have all gotten weird calls (I once got one about body wash), but this is the one call to win them all.

To be perfectly honest, it’s nice to know that I won’t have to worry abut dealing with these customers when my coworker is there. I definitely feel bad for her some days, but dang if she isn’t able to take it all in stride!”

Thanks for the email, Leah!