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My first job was, and still is, working at The Bookstore. Through these past two years I have taken on a side job or two to help pad out my very thin bank account to help pay off family debt and bills. The pest control gig is still too close for me to look back on in any sort of fondness considering the situation that required me to take it on in the first place. Taking on your brother’s job, working an additional 20-ish hours every week to pay for your brother’s legal fees, all because his lying ex-wife. Waking up exhausted every day and never really ready to face another 14 hour workday it’s hard to think of funny things that occurred during the Pest Control months. I worked for a great company, a great boss who completely understood what I was going through and was 100% supportive every step of the way.
I learned some good life skills too. I can recognize where rats and other vermin like to hang out, where they make their entrances, how they like to nest… and how to clean that crap up. If I ever need to move into another career path I guess Pest Control isn’t too terrible of a direction to take.
You see a lot of filthy environments doing that job though. That’s what invited the pests in in the first place. Keep your living spaces clean, people.
Also, don’t smoke. It’s more harmful than the chemicals I used to spray houses with and I wore a filtered face mask.