Inspired by an email from Tracie: ” I was in the children section that day and I was fixing up some of the displays when a couple came to me and asked me where is the adult section was. Well I am in the children’s book area, anything else in the store in considered “adult” from where I was standing. So I asked her if she was wanting the fiction or non-fiction. She then asks me what was the difference. …Yeah… I explained the difference between the two categories, and she stated that she was looking for fiction. Okay well that only narrowed down half of the store, so I asked her what category of fiction she wanted. She said, “I am not sure.” So I asked her what she was wanting to read. She told me that she wasn’t sure on that either. Joy… So after playing 20 questions and still not getting to a section in the store I just led her to an area (erotica) and stated “Here you go mam please just browse the area and you should find what you are looking for :)…and I left. I do not know if she ever found what she was looking for…but I hope it was her brain.”

Tracie! Thanks for the email!

I’ve seen more and more of this fringe erotica coming into the store and there’s apparently a booming e-book side to this that’s even more, um, fringe-ier. Some of those novels sell a lot more than expected. Just look at all the Fifty Shades of Grey knock offs out there. Then there are those who got their finger on the pulse of that audience and know exactly which book to pick for their “100 book club” and sell even MORE! I was never very good at picking the right book to sell 100 copies of. If there was a book I could easily hand sell it was already on some promotion and thus disqualified. Boo. Not a lot of people were interested in reading about Audie Murphy or Batman strangely enough. What’s not to like the most decorated infantryman turned Hollywood actor and the best martial arts master/master detective? They’re both very real people and should be read about!

Seriously, “To Hell and Back,” while not as well written as “Unbroken” is still an interesting read and then go watch the movie it’s based on. You’d never guess who stars as Audie Murphy. …It’s Audie Murphy.