I need help! Please help and I can help you be entertained even further! Thanks for all of the support!

Most serious conversations between managers happen behind the doors of manager offices. There are times when managers do get together in clusters out on the sales floor to have serious conversations and if it’s information that isn’t supposed to be passed down to regular booksellers there are some awkward moments of silence and every manager’s eyes turn to you, waiting to see if you leave or if they should leave. It does tend to leave you wondering if you were the topic of their serious conversation…

And here’s a word from Evil Chris: “I did not poison my co-workers with Sugar Free Haribo Gummibears (Google the Amazon reviews). No, it was much more subtle. I talked about how I’ve pranked many people in the past using those devil bears and their bowel cleansing powers. Talked it up for a year… Just building up their fear and making sure it’s at the back of their mind. And also explaining that they apparently don’t affect me. Then came April 1st, last year… A bowl of GummiBears appeared on the break room table. The people who know me, didn’t touch them. Well most of them, new people ate them.

Co-workers warned them afterwords but the psychological effect (I know it’s not called placebo, it’s something else.) 3 people went home complaining of stomach problems. And I was yelled at until I produced the bags. Normal Haribo Gummibears. I did not poison them, I swear.

I cannot wait til April 1st this year.”