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The first thing I heard after clocking in at my other job was that the Store Manager there was fired. I jokingly asked if it was due to sexual harassment thinking no one can be that stupid in this day and age of the social movements behind stopping that type of terrible behavior, or the fact that all leadership positions in any sort of employment or business are required to go through harassment and sensitivity training.

But I am disappointed to see that these things are still happening. Hearing more about how awful this manager was even before the harassment stuff made me wonder how long it took to finally get rid of him. How many straws were piling up on that camel’s back?

Also, there are so many legitimate non-creepy ways to hook up with people, you really shouldn’t need to resort to propositioning employees. Especially when you’re in a leadership position and they’re not. A lot of trouble gets caused from those situations and he was completely aware of it.

I wonder how he’s going to explain why he got fired to his wife and kids. What a dirt bag.