There are many questions I have about the efficacy of these mystery shop things. An outside company hired by The Bookstore comes in to watch us do our job and catch us NOT doing our job the way Home Office wants us to. I understand doing the job they pay us to do, they pa us to sell membership cards and ask for emails and all of the other things, and none of them are really bad things to be asked to do. It’s a job.
But one question I have about these mystery shops as how are we supposed to care about doing our job AFTER we get the results, or after we know the mystery shop was done for the month? Why can’t we have an employee from a different store come in and do the mystery shop rather than a third party company? Why have the mystery shops at all? Don’t those cost money? Isn’t The Bookstore bending over backwards trying to not spend money right now? What happens when a mystery shop person doesn’t do THEIR job properly and makes up a bunch of crap and calls it a day?