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I always look forward to the SHC (specialty Hobbies and Collectibles) merchandise reset that happens in The Bookstore. Not only do we get some cool new games brought in, we get to see other games hit the clearance bins. Games I had been eyeing but too shy to pull the trigger on at full price or even employee discount price. But 50% off? I can open up my wallet for something like that.

Not all of us are lucky to see the good games get clearanced out. As I understand it the clearance lists are based on the individual stores sales figures so if something didn’t do so well in one store it’s not necessarily on clearance in the next.

With that in mind, I can at least list some of the games that are worth the full price (or employee price).

Dixit, Mysterium, Smallworld, King of New York, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Sheriff of Nottingham, Harbor, Grifters, Coup, The Resistance, Susi Go, and Betrayal at House on the Hill. I know I could list even more, but these are some of my favorites that I go back to again and again on game nights.

Brittany and I are very ready to see this baby, but she is taking her sweet time coming. I look at my collection of movies, games, toys, and hope my kids take a liking to them as well. It would be fun to build up a common interest between us, and sure, I’d love to find ways to get interested in whatever catches their fancy too and help foster that into something creative, but I am getting way ahead of myself. She isn’t even born yet (as of this writing) and there’s the whole nursing and diapers stage to look forward to first. While there are some people out there who love babies, I am really looking forward to the future of being a father and watching that baby grow into an amazing individual.