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It happens with each National Holiday. No deliveries for even one day out of the normal work week and the shipments get crazy stupid. We’re looking at Christmas holiday level shipments. Things that no one in their right mind could consider a normal amount of packages getting thrown into a receiving room that really was never set up to handle three hundred 40 pound boxes of books all at once. We’ll get through it (I hope.) With the loss of the receiving manager position in a lot of stores I am really wondering what’s in store for the upcoming winter holidays. From what I’ve heard, things have not gotten much better. Time will tell, but I bet that a receiving manager position company wide may be reinstated come 2019. The amount of disorganization that’s been forced upon the stores from these decisions back in home office will hopefully come back to bite them in their backsides. Or I could be absolutely wrong about it all and things get even worse. Who knows?

Anyways, here’s a comic with a silly pun.