I got a great story emailed to me by Benjamin a little while ago that inspired today’s comic:

“I was opening at cash wrap this morning, when a male customer, maybe 50s, came in
asking about a pipe fitters blue book, to see where it was. I knew there was no one
at info, so i looked it up, only to find that we cannot order it because it’s out in
the warehouse, there are none in our store or any nearby store, and so told him
this. He then asked if I could order it, which I repeated that there are none in the
warehouse so I can’t. He asked if I could check the other stores, and repeated they
don’t have it either…
“He then went to ask me what the other bookstore in town is…(Books A Million) At this point i just wanted him to leave. Then when he remembered he asked me if i thought they may have it, and where it was located. I
just told him i have no idea sorry. He was all, is it still off of Siegen? And
again, I said I am not sure. HE THEN ASKED ME HOW TO GET THERE. Seriously dude? I
really wanted to tell him to GTFO, but couldn’t… just told him take Perkins to
Siegen, and if it’s still on Siegen, it’ll be there…”

These types of customers are almost impossible to shake off. It’s not that they don’t take no for an answer, it’s that they don’t recognize that they’re being answered at all.

Benjamin, thanks so much for the email!!