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I’ve had to work with my fair share of idiot managers. Lark, Pat, Beulah… The worst part is that I don’t have to stretch reality much to fit the narrative of how truly awful they were and probably still are. They suck.
There are others, too, beyond the characters shown in the comic that I have not so fond memories of and have put their actions and behaviors into the strip from time to time. This is one such strip.
One such manager was the type who liked to lead by telling people what to do and not follow any of that up by leading that example. They talked a big game, then kept talking. The aural diarrhea could have been almost tangible. Shmoozing with one customer they know they can keep talking to until the minutes run out and they clock out for lunch. Lying their way into avoiding consequences. Trying their best to get away with all sorts of crap when the store manager was away. The worst aspects of a big-headed egomaniac. Playing up to the edge of misogyny, passing off any work to who they considered under their station, and being a brown-nosing, chummy suck up. The second coming of Lark, just without the same amount of managerial power. It got to the point that complaints mounted enough against this manager that people were fighting back. Our store manager at the time freely gave out his number to any and all letting the staff know that he takes their concerns seriously. More than once I’ve seen people make phone calls after Lark 2.0 pulled some stupid crap.
It’s the one comfort to it all. Knowing that this problem manager will not be able to climb any higher. Their head is so large and so far up their own rectum that it’s impossible for any further growth in that career. Now, if there was enough dirt on them to get them demoted or fired… One can hope…