There are even more awful odors that can be experienced while working in retail. A few of the more common ones that you can’t avoid anywhere are here in this strip.
The easiest to fix is the dirty diaper, change the diaper. But man alive! Some of those babies, I don’t know what they’ve been eating, they smell terrible. I’ve been put off my lunch by dirty diaper smell alone.
I wonder about heavy smokers, do they at some point lose any sensitivity to smell? Does the brain switch off the olfactory receptors telling them that they smell like a hundred ash trays rolled into a dusty jacket? Or marijuana users, it stinks, it stinks a lot. Do your marijuana thing, but could you smoke in front of a fan or take a shower after? That smell lingers far longer than the effects of the magic herb.

Axe body spray is the embodiment of teenage male insecurity and wishful thinking and gets you exactly as many girls as you deserve. A normal shower and maybe some mild deodorant, or even baking soda, is all that is needed. Covering your body head to toe with that crap is the reason why you’re lonely and complain online in subreddit pages about how all women hate you.