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This happens frequently. We have a prerecorded onboard message for customers who call to see if we have John Steinbeck. One of the managers probably spent too much time reading a script about where our store is located, when we’re open, probably something about the membership… Anyway, all the info is there to offset the “ARE YOU OPEN” questions to get to the more important question, “Do you have the thing, could you set the thing aside for me? Thanks.”

But people completely ignore the message. We’ve had too many people call in well before our opening hour of 9am and ask when we’re opening. You had to go through an entire recording of when, where, and for how long! There shouldn’t be a question anymore! We answered it! Pay attention!
On a side note, one of the stores I was working at went through a fiscal study of how many hours were profitable and how long we should keep the store open every evening. That last hour, from 9pm to 10pm was dead. Barely any sales, and a bunch of people just hanging out. I get hangout spots. Hanging out with people you like, or alone, is nice. But we got a lot of lights running, a bunch of employees to pay, could you buy something?!

Anyway, the hours open to payroll survey came back showing that we were indeed profitable enough to stay open for that long, dark time from 9pm to 10pm. We exceeded sales figures for that yearly hour by 50 bucks. One day out of the other 364 calendar days pushed us just to the other side.
I was doing a lot of closing shifts at this time. Hearing that news ruined my day… You know, outside of working ANOTHER closing shift.