It’s been a nightmare even before November 1st in actuality. Holiday themed crap has been making its way into the store since September if not earlier. For most retail folks out there, Halloween ends at or around January 26th.

I don’t know about the rest of the stores that form the Voltron robot of The Bookstore, but we got hammered with the shipment today (and it was 4 hours late too), and yesterday’s shipment was tiny. Is there anyone out there that can explain why this stupid situation arises? From my point of view I don’t see why they need to throw all the holiday themed crap at us all at once. We have ALL of November to work with. Also, why tiny shipments one day and huge shipments the next? If on average a store would get 500 cartons of product, why can’t those 500 cartons get meted out to an even 100 per work day? Do we HAVE to get the paperback edition of “Dance With Dragons” on the strict-on-sale day? Do we really? Do we really need 8 cartons of holiday music up and ready to sell by the first of November?! DO WE REALLY EVEN NEED ANY “NEW” CHRISTMAS MUSIC? EVERYONE JUST KEEPS SINGING THE SAME FIVE STUPID SONGS ABOUT BELLS AND SANTA!!!!!

…whoops, I left the caps-lock on… Sorry about that.