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I’m about as out of touch as any of the customers coming in asking about the nük. I don’t own one, I don’t use the full capabilities of my mobile phone let alone know the ins and outs of a tablet or e-reader. It’s another glowing brick of mystery to me. The only way I got comfortable using my phone was from messing around and poking at settings and apps. Us “people in the know” are not too far away from the people who don’t know anything technology-wise. We just started prodding and swiping the screen. You can’t break them that way. …Well, I haven’t tried too hard in any case.
There are a ton of phone calls and angry customers chomping at the bit and ready to tear your head off because they can’t access the wi-fi and after a careful walk through and a few false starts I’ve had people buy extra tablets. I wonder sometimes if those situations are in any way similar to matadors or rodeo clowns. Barely scraping by and then looking back with the safety and distance of time to see that it wasn’t so bad.
…until you try to help the next angry customer…