I got one of those Patreon Pages here.

So I don’t know if it’s a company wide event or just at the store where I’m working, but we’re hosting some sort of “Outlander” party/celebration thing. Book excerpts will be read and carefully edited episodes of the adapted television show will be shown as well.

Those carefully edited episodes got me thinking, with all of the moving pieces that come with setting up these things, there could be a slight chance of getting shipped in the wrong episodes, or getting all the parts that weren’t supposed to be shown at all.

The “Outlander” series is, from my small understanding of reading the back cover, a story about a WWII nurse time traveling back to ye olden days of Scotland or something and then… romance stuff? Sexy times or something. These books are long, very long. There’s probably a lot of effort into getting the time period set correctly and historical stuff placed where it historically should be.

The TV show is produced by that same dude who rebooted Battlestar Gallactica and thought that it needed more sex, violence, and infanticide, so I don’t think this show is for all ages wholesome goodness.

This event could be a rousing success one way or another. We’ll find out!