James Patterson is an advertising man first, author last. It’s worked for him for sure, and it’s a wonderful source of capital for us. But you have to admit, from a distance, all of his books, written “alone” or co-authored, they all are pretty much the same book over and over.
I’ve wondered what brings people to read a James Patterson novel. Is it considered mental comfort food? Is James Patterson a bag of potato chips compared to Jane Austen’s (or fill in any other lauded author’s) works of full course meals?
Potato chips are cheaper to produce and quicker to eat. You don’t really have to plan your life around a bag of potato chips either. You can drop it when life gets busy and pick it back up later without missing anything important.
A bag of chips sells a lot easier than a sit down meal too, and you won’t feel too bad about leaving a bag of chips on an airplane after a business flight.