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I don’t know how many times it’s happened, but when I or any of my coworkers who go on break wearing headphones, someone in the break room gets super chatty. They see us with our necks bent, our eyes focused on our phone, and a pair of completely visible headphones are poking ouhttps://www.facebook.com/#t of our ears. Everything about that screams, I want to be left alone.

We’ve been talking to customers for the better part of the day, we want to crawl into our proverbial cave for a brief 15 minutes and escape. Maybe our headphones are too small? Everyone seems to be using those new-ish earbuds. Perhaps on the slight chance that our chatty coworker didn’t notice those plugged in our ears? We need a better product. One that in no uncertain terms says “I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE.”

I hope we can get some headphones like this. I’d buy a few just for myself.