I got an email from Melonie that was too good not to share!

“I had a customer call asking very specific technical questions about the Nük. I had no idea what the answer, so I told him to call “1-800-THAT-NUK” so that they could help him further. About 5 minutes later I happen to be the one that answer to the phone again and it was the same customer. He asked me if someone was playing a joke on him because when he called the number, he got a sex phone line. I asked what he dialed, he said “1-800-TATT-NUK.” He misheard what I said, I apologized profusely and we both laughed about it. After getting off the phone with the customer I then called that number, and sure enough, I was asked if I wanted to talk to a beautiful busty woman.”

Thanks so much for sharing the story with me, Melonie!