I made another pop culture reference! It’s almost as if I’m paying attention to things!

I tried to watch that fight scene between Spear guy and Mountain guy. I couldn’t get into it. Granted, I’m watching it out of context and I’m not anywhere close to being emotionally invested, but really, that cinematography could have been much better. There were way too many cuts and camera angles going on. Spear guy was flipping all over the place but not one camera angle was used to show the whole flip. Too many quick cuts can take you out of a scene pretty quick. Longer takes establish mood, tension, atmosphere. All the stuff that’s important and needed to draw audiences in.
I could watch a random Jackie Chan fight scene and I’ll be drawn in pretty quick. The longer takes, the smooth camera work, the ability to see what is going on on screen helps me buy in a lot more. It shows that they’ve taken the time to make it worth watching.
I didn’t even get to that head squishing moment. I checked out about a minute into the fight with Spear guy and Mountain guy. Quick shots are cheap, empty, and show a lack of dedication.