After having a few emails and comments, and horror stories, about these Dr. Dre headphones this dark idea sprang to mind. I don’t understand why, of all the headphones that the bookstore sells, why do we have to wear this particular brand? What’s so special about them? Having a friend tell me that when he was working at Best Buy he saw more returns of these headphones than sales, it sounds like they’re not the best product we could be displaying. There’s some pretty nice headphones out there, anything by Bose is pretty OK for brand recognition and we carried some odd Star Wars themed headphones a little while ago that were pretty snazzy. Why Beats by Dr. Dre?

Also, I got a podcast up for ya! You can click right here or on the podcast link up at the top. We answer some cool emails, talk about disappointing road trips, spit ball some comic ideas. And of course, just as we finish the podcast I get even more incredible emails! I gotta get going on the next one, you people are so awesome!!