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Thomas Lugaresi March 23 1951 – February 14 2021
Of all the ups and downs that come with life and having parents, the good memories rise to the top. I remember my father as a man who loved his kids and would do anything he could for us.
He had a strong work ethic he tried to instill into us. He tried his best to play games that we were interested in. He didn’t fully understand them but he was trying to be there with us.
It is really difficult to realize that he’s gone. His last week here was extremely painful and at the end it was a small relief to see that he wasn’t suffering anymore.
He was so willing to be of service, to help in any way he could. I’m grateful that he had two years to spend with my daughter to develop a connection with her. Papa will be missed.
He’s gone and I wish he wasn’t.

It’s been hard to make comics this week. Nothing has seemed all that fun or funny to me with all that’s been hitting me recently. I hope that through working on this comic I can let these feelings pass through me in as healthy a manner as can be expected.
I miss you, dad.