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This Book Store company seems to treat their CEOs like fashion. Every four to six months it’s time to try on a new one.

Granted, this latest one was fired for doing something awful that we can only imagine, no one has said exactly what got this Demos Parneros fired, but it would be nice to find out. I’m curious. I don’t think I’m the only one wanting to know either.

I’ve worked in quite a few stores and hearing how people were fired helped me recognize those behaviors in other employees who were dishonest, and it helped me see what I should avoid for myself to stay as clean as possible when it came to policies and handling money, my employee discount, that sort of thing.

Maybe hiding the incident that brought about the termination is a security thing, or part of a contract or something, but I’d love to know.

I had a receiving manager back in the day that was constantly at odds with Lark. We all know Lark is a rat, and a terrible human being, but Lark was crafty and found a way to get this receiving manager fired. I didn’t find out for about a year how it happened either. To me it just looked like Lark called the receiving manager into his office in the middle of the day and served the manager a pink slip as it were.

Lark set up a schedule that would have made the receiving manager train a merch manager. Neither the merch nor the receiver were on good terms, and the receiver refused. Got ’em! Insubordination. Yer fired!!

By not telling anyone how big of a deal insubordination was, and by keeping how the receiving manager was fired Lark kept quite a few of the other unhappy employees in check. If a manager was forced out with the snap of a finger, what luck did us lowly part timers have?

Being open about what is and isn’t allowed would help alleviate some of those worries for people. At least that’s what I think.

Heck, it could be something as stupid as what a merch manager did at the Redwood City store I worked at. The merch returned their own product they purchased themselves. Caught themselves on camera and everything processing the transaction right at the cash register. Huge security breach. Had they waited for another employee to help them out they may still have a career with The Bookstore.

Who knows what happened? Someone does, and I’d like to have that information shared a little more broadly.