The flip-side of the same coin of customer frustration is when dealing with someone who’s buying a figurative butt-ton of books, would save scads of cash by signing up for the discount card, and… declines. It hurts the mind. They really don’t want to save money? Dude, you’d walk away with more money. You could walk over to Starbucks after buying your books and grab a drink, a scone, a couple cake pops, and the overpriced Starbucks after-coffee mints if you only say “YES.”

This type of thing not only hurts my mind, I feel physically accosted. The easiest opportunity to keep up your stupid personal metrics for selling those cards and you’re rejected. It’s hard not to think that the customer is going out of their way to spite you.

On an unrelated note, I have amassed a nice amount of questions and emails for the next What’s In The Podcast, the irony of the timing is that once I had all these awesome emails and such, Jason’s, John’s, and my schedules went all crazy-like. But it’s been resolved! We’ll be recording a new podcast soon! Thanks for your patience!