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There have been combinations of books and other products that could very well tell a story about what the customer buying them is up to in the near future. Most of the time it can be assumed that if they’re buying a book they’re going to read it.

Buying a James Patterson? Probably going on a vacation or to the beach. Maybe a business flight. Some just like the simple thrillers he “writes” every month.

Buying a cookbook? It’s an easy guess to say that it’s for a gift or that they’ll use one or two recipes and then leave it on the shelf for the next few months.

Buying a teen/young adult book? It’s becoming a legitimately engaging area of writing. A lot of people are gravitating towards it. I like seeing that. More readers is never a bad thing.

But for this comic I’m looking at the customer who comes in asking for books that can add up to a story that could make you feel like you need a shower. I helped one customer look for Men’s Rights activism books and history on the Third Reich. Or another customer who bought a bunch of erotic romance novels and a book called something along the lines of “Sex For One.” Someone bought a Kama Sutra and a Father’s day card. While you never know unless they outright tell you, it’s hard not to assume their intentions.

At the end of it all though, I don’t want to judge anybody. People have freak flags and fly them. That’s their thing, and if their thing allows us to make money and keep the lights on, please come back again. I could maybe make some recommendations.