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Any time the season changes my nose goes crazy. I don’t know if other people deal with allergies just being violent bloody noses, but I guess that’s what happens to me.
Weather cooling down? Bloody nose. Weather warming up? Bloody nose. Weather becoming nice and pleasant? too bad, there’s pollen. Bloody nose.

Working at a bookstore doesn’t help at all either. I can’t think of a lot of other retail stores that are dustier than a bookstore. Things tend to sit on shelves a little longer here than in a Whole Foods.
I’ll be fine in the morning before going to work but as soon as I step into the store my nose either dries up to a rather uncomfortable degree, which brings on bloody noses, or I get the sniffles, and blow my nose until the mucus runs red. Either way I’m kind of up a creek.
Gotta keep a lot of tissues close by.