Elayne sent me an awesome story a couple weeks ago and I finally got a comic made to go with it!

From Elayne: “one of the other managers was On Duty while I was at lunch. A customer walked into the store with a small dog (I think it was a daschund) on a leash. The manager told her that only service dogs were allowed in the store. The customer (who was pulling the dog BEHIND her) tried to tell her it was a seeing eye dog. (!) The dog didn’t have any credentials and the customer argued with the manager for a little while about the pet policy before informing her that this was the reason we were going bankrupt.”

I think this story inspired a dark turn! Those carts can definitely get bogged down with all those coffee table type bargain books. Especially now that the holiday season is right around the corner. Or has already started. I’ve seen at least three separate Christmas themed craft magazines come in. It is a sad, sad thing to see in the middle of an August heat wave.

Anywho, Elayne, thank you so much for sharing that story with me!