Specialty Hobbies and Collectibles and Educational Toys and Games. I’m sure The Bookstore has made a good amount of money just off of me from those Specialties. While the selection isn’t where I want it to be (I want all the bestest games!) it does contain many great titles to choose from and I’ve been able to order in and stock some of my favorites on those debt inducing shelves.

Educational Toys and Games is something I am far less enthusiastic about though. Simplistic games meant to teach concepts rather than have fun, a lot of products don’t stack or sit well on the shelves, and those awful push toys! I’ve tripped on a few of these toys. We should never have stocked them. A waste of valuable retail space, and for every one that we sell, we have to mark three out of stock due to them getting broken or completely filthy.
The Lego Knockoffs aren’t the worst things though. But you know that half of why those ersatz Legos are anywhere successful is due to a generation or two of people who can’t tell the difference between real and fake Legos, and price. Lego is pretty expensive.