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I am really proud of this one. I had an opportunity to draw a bit more in the background and stuff. No minimalist bookshelves and customer service desks!

There was a long stretch of time that I was fortunate to have a large group of friends/coworkers who were into tabletop gaming. A lot of fun was had, I eventually married one of those friends too! Things worked out pretty well there.

Sheriff of Nottingham is a fantastic bluffing game. Everyone playing will take a turn or two acting as the Sheriff to see who is declaring their goods truthfully or if they’re telling a fib. If they’re a-fibbin’. Bribes can be made too. It adds to the fun.

My father was introduced to this game and didn’t quite grasp the concept at first. It was too fun of an idea not to turn it into a comic. So here you go!
Also, go buy the game! It’s an awesome game that you can play with people of all practical ages! There’s an expansion out that adds more wrinkles to the game and an extra player too!