I got an email from Tracie who recounted a story she got from her coworker Rob:
“There was about five or so people in line waiting for him to check them out, when this large woman walks up and starts tapping her foot impatiently. We have to at least ask everyone if they have a Discount card and would they be interested in getting one (it’s part of our job). About three people in the large woman starts dramatically sighing as well as tapping her foot. When Rob finally got to her the woman slams her “Skinny Bitch” book onto the counter and tells him, “NO i do NOT want a discount card.” A lady behind him pipes up and tells her that he is just doing his job. The large woman whips around as says, ‘Excuse me, did it look like i was talking to you? No? Then shut up.'”
The email continues with Rob trying to check the large, difficult woman out as quickly as possible, but the woman continues to verbally abuse Rob when another customer says what everyone was thinking.
I’ve tried to keep the spirit of the story intact with the least amount of naughty language here. Even so, that fat customer was asking for it. Us retail employees help each other out!

Thanks for the story, Rob and Tracie!