I got this email a little while ago and I was stuck on how to make a comic out of it for a while because of how WEIRD it was. Tracie sent this to me:

‘Yesterday started off pretty normal, until a young lady-we shall call Jill-came up to the register stating that she lost one of her purchases (a hat) from another store in our store. So Jill and my manager went through the entire store looking for her missing bag. They met up with Jill’s mother during the half way search when they saw another girl with the exact same bag a Jill’s. Now this young lady (we will gall her Mary) was dressed head to toe in black with a pentagram necklace….etc. Jill’s mother (we shall call her Mother A) took one look at Mary and rushed up to the girl. Mother A then stated, “You stole that from my daughter! Give that back!” Mary looked at her and said, “No.” Mother A then stated , “You will be going to Hell because of this!” Mary then preceded to walk away from Mother A, and a minute later she returned with her mother (Mother B). Mother B takes one look at Mother A and states, “DID YOU TELL MY DAUGHTER THAT SHE IS GOING TO HELL!” “Yes I did”, Said Mother A. She continued by saying, “Your Daughter stole that bag from my daughter, so she is going to hell!” As the two ladies digressed into an argument over who would be going to Hell, several of our co-workers had gathered around the scene, and were contemplating on whether or not if they should call the mall cops or just film this. Suddenly Mother B started to breathe heavily on Mother A, which is freaking out Mother A. Mother A shouts, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Mother B says, “I am breathing in your soul when I get home I am sending you to Hell!”

So if you get mad at someone, start huffing them in and send them to Hell for me.

Thanks, Tracie!!