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I got a fun email from Tracie:

” …at my store the heater broke…during the midst of one of the most horrible winters we have had in Texas for a while. So, it was Christmas Eve and I was scheduled to close…yayyyyyy…..The only bright thing I could think of was that the store would close at 6PM and there was at least some snow on the ground for Christmas. I already knew that the store’s heater was broken so I made sure I was dressed for 10 degree weather outside and maybe 20 or 30 degree weather inside the store. By the way the heater had been broken for most of November and ALL of December!
What started off as a little dusting of snow turned into a mini blizzard! The mall officially closed down at 2 PM because it was becoming hazardous to drive, and if people stayed at the mall, they may not make it back home to their families that evening. We started calling Corporate to see if we could close our store early.

Guess how well that went.

It took hours of convincing, and we had to call Best Buy across the street to see if they were still open (they didn’t pick up the phone and we couldn’t even see their store!) before we were approved to close the store at 4PM. By the time they had given the approval I had helped at least 10 customers dig out their cars from the snow drifts and had said good bye to all of the other co-workers for the night. One of us had to stay with the closing manager and wait for the approval to officially close the store. Though we did already turn of the main lights for the store and were telling customers long before approval that the mall was closed and we were soon (hopefully) going to be as well.”

I am very grateful that I don’t live in an area where blizzards can sneak attack an unsuspecting shopping center.

Thanks for the email, Tracie!!